LATEST NEWS: 4DMedical and Kailo Medical partnering to connect healthcare networks with XV Technology cloud processing

LATEST NEWS: 4DMedical and Kailo Medical partnering to connect healthcare networks with XV Technology cloud processing

Australia-wide access to 4DMedical’s cloud-based XV Technology, enabling unprecedented understanding of lung motion and airflow, is moving closer to reality through a partnership announced today with leading integration provider, Kailo Medical.

4DMedical’s XV Technology Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS) provides highly detailed maps of lung motion and pulmonary function, representing a new and much needed new modality in respiratory diagnosis. A key element of 4DMedical’s SaaS (software as a service) customer fulfilment model is the use of DICOM − the international standard for transmitting medical imaging information and data.

KailoHub workflow orchestration technology is to be used by 4DMedical as the information ‘pipeline’ between fluoroscopy equipment installed at healthcare centres across Australia and cloud processing of XV LVAS Ventilation Reports, enabling physicians to accurately detect areas of high and low ventilation with using colour-coded visualisation and four-dimensional animation.

As a national market leader for radiology healthcare Interoperability, Kailo Medical is the trusted provider of imaging workflow products utilised in hundreds of public and private hospitals, state health departments and medical imaging network locations across Australia.

Kailo Medical is the preferred supplier of this critical capability to 4DMedical in Australia. This formalised process integration is the next step in an ongoing collaboration between the two Melbourne-based companies, and augments 4DMedical’s pre-existing relationships with other enterprise imaging workflow solutions providers, including Laurel Bridge Software, Inc. in the United States.

“KailoHub is the perfect complementary technology for our cloud-based XV LVAS product,” said 4DMedical Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andreas Fouras. “Partnering with Kailo provides our company with dependable connectivity, scale and expertise whilst clinicians and patients benefit from trusted handling of data and information.”
“4DMedical represents the future of lung health for a post-COVID environment,” said Robert Newman, Director at Kailo Medical. “This partnership enables all Australians to access unique and non-invasive imaging technologies critical in the analysis and management of respiratory diseases.”

4DMedical and Kailo Medical are Australian medical technology success stories, both being founded in Melbourne. The two companies have developed progressive and synergistic solutions delivering better healthcare outcomes to patients.