XV Scanner

World’s Only Dedicated Lung Function Scanner

The XV Scanner™* is the world’s only fully dedicated lung function scanner, designed to do something completely unique–capture a single, full-breath cycle in motion, from four different angles simultaneously.

Current imaging modalities trade-off accuracy, sensitivity, cost, and radiation exposure, and don’t fully provide combined insights into the structure and function of lungs at a regional level. The XV Scanner addresses all those shortcomings, offering significant technological and competitive advantages over any other existing imaging modalities. When combined with XV LVAS software, it provides lung airflow imaging—unprecedented insights to lung health and function.

  • First dedicated lung function scanner
  • Compatible with XV LVAS software
  • Optimized for XV, improved sensitivity
  • Better patient experience
  • Rapid, automated scan (in 1–2 breaths)
  • Scan during normal breathing
  • Very low dose (< 1 typical chest X-ray)
  • No contrast agents

*Not yet available for commercial sale.

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