Veteran Advocacy

Commitment to Those Who Served

As a veteran-led company, 4DMedical has a deep understanding of lung health issues affecting serving and former military personnel—and a strong desire to help afflicted veterans diagnose and treat respiratory injury.

Sand, dust, chemicals, fuels, solvents, propellants, and exhaust gases are routinely inhaled by military personnel on operational deployment. Exposure to more exotic elements such as depleted uranium residue and tritium can also be hazards.

4DMedical is active across the veterans’ health space—ranging from political advocacy and public awareness through clinical trials and research on lung health scanning and analysis. 4DMedical is actively engaged with both public and private veterans’ health agencies in the United States and Australia.

Experience in the 1991 Gulf War gave us the first indicators that many veterans of later campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan could possibly be afflicted with respiratory conditions due to exposure during service.

Active duty and former U.S. military personnel exposed to the open-air incineration of a variety of materials in overseas theaters of operations have been scanned using XV Technology.

Advocacy for the health of military veterans is part of the 4DMedical DNA. We will continue to serve this cause in an active leadership role.


The Philips-4DMedical collaboration for veteran lung health at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)—Learn more

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