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Regional Lung Function Imaging Software—Unprecedented Functional Lung Health Detail from CT Scans

CT LVAS™ (Computed Tomography Lung Ventilation Analysis Software) is image processing software that operates on CT scans to provide functional lung health detail not available by other modalities. 

Looking significantly beyond lung structure, CT LVAS provides clinicians with detailed information on regional lung function using CT images from existing hospital equipment. CT LVAS quantifies regional lung ventilation and ventilation heterogeneity in a comprehensive but easy-to-interpret report that includes 4D visualizations. CT LVAS enables both lung structure and function to be assessed in one procedure.

With CT LVAS, clinicians can better characterize lung conditions and detect associated regional lung changes—without the use of contrast. CT LVAS requires paired deep-inspiratory and expiratory breath-hold volumetric CTs, acquired in the supine position.

CT LVAS is provided via Software as a Service (SaaS). CT images are uploaded to 4DMedical for processing.

  • Regional quantification of lung function, including Lung Volumes, Ventilation Heterogeneity (VH) and Ventilation Defect Percentage (VDP)
  • Easy-to-read, color-coded visualization of regional lung ventilation
  • Detailed, actionable insights into lung function to better characterize and quantify respiratory conditions and symptoms
  • Uses existing hospital imaging equipment
  • No contrast agents


4DMedical CT LVAS

The clinical presentation for unexplained dyspnea, or shortness of breath, can be complex; imaging is central to the diagnostic process. But anatomical findings can overlap, lag, or precede clinical symptoms. CT Lung Ventilation Analysis adds significant diagnostic value to reports and gives referrers a new level of actionable information.

Diagnostic Support – Earlier diagnosis and treatment can be assisted by more sensitive and accurate assessments of regional lung ventilation. For chronic and progressive lung diseases with shortness of breath (dyspnea), poor exercise tolerance, chronic cough with or without sputum production, and wheezing to respiratory failure involving the airways and/or pulmonary parenchyma that results in changes in regional airflow or ventilatory obstruction.

Surgical Planning – A more intricate and sensitive analysis of a patient’s lung health will allow the optimization of surgical options.

Patient Treatment and Monitoring – Low radiation makes CT LVAS an ideal solution for monitoring disease progression and therapeutic effectiveness in lung diseases such as COPD and CF.

Clinical Trial Support – CT LVAS provides more sensitivity, repeatable measures, and novel endpoints for new clinical trials.

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