General practitioners and respiratory specialists in south-eastern Melbourne will soon be able to order highly visual reports of patients’ lung function based upon four-dimensional scans, following successful completion of pilot programs by 4DMedical in collaboration with I-MED Radiology Network, Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging provider. Commencing... Read More »
Australia-wide access to 4DMedical’s cloud-based XV Technology, enabling unprecedented understanding of lung motion and airflow, is moving closer to reality through a partnership announced today with leading integration provider, Kailo Medical. 4DMedical’s XV Technology Lung Ventilation Analysis Software (XV LVAS) provides highly detailed maps of... Read More »
Lung transplants offer people afflicted with incurable respiratory disease the prospect of a better quality of life – XV Technology optimises success of expensive, resource-intensive procedures. Alfred Health-based ‘FIT’ Study announced today involves 40 patients affected by conditions including interstitial lung disease, severe COPD, pulmonary... Read More »
Clinical trials are a core pillar of 4DMedical’s commercialisation strategy. The iconic Johns Hopkins Medical Center exemplifies the quality of our partners evolving scientific investigation into case application. Achieving ‘first imaging’ status in Baltimore represents further progress against strategy. See the status of our clinical... Read More »
4DMedical’s intensive clinical trials program continues to progress against strategy with the announcement of our Cleveland Clinic-based activity reaching ‘first imaging’ status, despite the ongoing COVID-19 challenge. Our commitment to this ongoing program of clinical trials grows a body of scientific evidence driving market uptake.... Read More »
James Dunn commentary: “Imaging company 4DMedical (4DX) surged on to the ASX screens in its August 2020 float, with the shares, issued in the prospectus at 73 cents, opening for trade at $1.47. 4DX reached $2.60 in October 2020, but more than halved subsequently, plumbing... Read More »