MEDIA RELEASE: 4DMedical partnering with Lung Foundation Australia

MEDIA RELEASE: 4DMedical partnering with Lung Foundation Australia

MEDIA RELEASE 19 August 2021

4DMedical partnering with Lung Foundation Australia to prepare for a post-COVID nation

Medical imaging innovator 4DMedical is teaming with Lung Foundation Australia to protect the health and wellbeing of people impacted by the residual physiological effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over 33,000 Australians have contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus since March 2020, however the long-term effects of the Coronavirus remain largely unknown.

As the nation’s lead advocacy organisation for people impacted by lung disease and lung cancer, Lung Foundation Australia is already engaging with patients dealing with both the long-term respiratory health impact of COVID-19, and the uncertainty of how this affects future quality of life.

4DMedical has developed the most world’s advanced respiratory imaging technology, enabling lung condition to be assessed and monitored using highly detailed maps quantifying and visualising pulmonary function, lung motion and airflow.  The application of this XV Technology to a range of conditions including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, sarcoidosis and silicosis has been proven and refined through an ongoing comprehensive program of clinical studies and pilot studies.

“The pulmonary imaging expertise of 4DMedical has application across all lung diseases and lung cancer, and the potential insights will equip us to prepare now for the nation’s post-COVID future,” said Mark Brooke, Chief Executive Officer of Lung Foundation Australia.  “At the individual level, people afflicted with COVID will gain a clear visual picture of the condition of their lungs to share with their clinicians, and the residual affect of this disease can be monitored over time.”

“Collectively, the sum of knowledge gained through scanning a population of post-COVID Australians has the potential to inform patients, doctors, researchers, health economists, policy makers and the nation’s healthcare network operators,” added Dr Andreas Fouras, 4DMedical’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.  “Long COVID is a potentially debilitating condition that must be taken seriously, and the broader structural legacy of the pandemic on Australian society as a whole must be studied and understood.”

Of the two million United Kingdom residents who have experienced Long COVID, 385,000 have suffered symptoms for a year or more, and another 500,000 cases are predicted.  This larger sample provides an idea of the potential impact of the disease in the longer term, that Lung Foundation Australia is preparing for now.

“Partnering with the Foundation means 4DMedical remains closely connected with patients and their families, aligning with our basic philosophy of caring for people,” said Dr Andreas Fouras.  “Our patient advocacy collaborators can support our ability to inform clinicians and researchers, and bring an invaluable patient perspective to best using our technology.”