MEDIA RELEASE: 4DMedical launches comprehensive clinical program for interventional pulmonary treatments

MEDIA RELEASE: 4DMedical launches comprehensive clinical program for interventional pulmonary treatments

MEDIA RELEASE 5 August 2021

Respiratory imaging disruptor 4DMedical announces further application of its XV LVAS (Lung Ventilation Analysis Software) technology, through its use in validating interventional pulmonary treatments in a range of clinical activities in the United States.

The interventional pulmonology market valued at US$1.3 billion is expected to grow to US$1.75 billion by 2026, highlighting unswerving growth at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.8% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.

The program announced today represents realisation of the business-to-business potential of XV Technology, which is sought by medical device manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry as a trusted means of validating therapeutic interventions.

Enhancing healthcare industry research on a commercial basis and through reimbursement contracts represents a widening of revenue streams for 4DMedical, employing its respiratory imaging capability as a complementary technology for innovative procedures and third-party product development.

Interventional pulmonology (IP) is a rapidly growing, procedurally focused subspecialty of pulmonary medicine focusing on using advanced, minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and manage a wide range of thoracic diseases.

“This program will validate approaches that use a combination of endoscopic techniques and functional lung imaging instead of surgery, offering faster diagnosis, quicker recovery time and less pain for patients”, said 4DMedical’s Vice President of Medical and Clinical Affairs, Dr Jason Kirkness.  “In simple terms, this is a non-invasive way to visualise the extent of the diseased portions of the lung.”

“Interventional pulmonologists work in multidisciplinary team of specialists − including thoracic surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, critical care physicians and respiratory therapists − tailoring a treatment plan for each patient,” added Dr Kirkness.  “Functional lung imaging can help in management of advanced disease in such a teams-based approach, empowering interventional pulmonologists through innovation and ensuring every patient receives the highest quality of care for their specific condition.”

This trial supervised by Dr Kirkness is one of several across multiple US tertiary health systems, focused upon functional lung imaging in patients with progressive and advanced lung diseases that result in moderate to severe decline in quality of life.

“We are working in close collaboration with commercial partners of global stature in the medtech and pharmaceutical sectors, and with global key opinion leaders who recognise the value of our XV Technology in differentiating disease processes, in assisting at decision points and enabling advanced personalised medicine,” said Dr Andreas Fouras, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of 4DMedical.

“Beyond providing a clinical information resource to healthcare providers, the ability of our technology to validate product innovation in medical devices and drug discovery opens up a significant parallel revenue stream for 4DMedical.”