Field Ventilator to Combat Corona

Field Ventilator to Combat Corona

As printed in The Courier Mail, Thursday 30th April 2020
By Charles Miranda

A TEAM of Australian scientists has created a groundbreaking “field ventilator” to help combat coronavirus in remote regions where hospital emergency resources are limited.

And critically they are going into production in Australia and not China meaning no issues with supply lines and can be directly dispatched from here to those most in need including to allies in the Pacific with challenged health care systems.

A consortium of leading doctors, engineers and medical researchers from Melbourne and South Australia had already teamed up as part of the Australian Lung Health Initiative to develop the world’s first lung function scanner.

But the corona pandemic prompted the team to fast-track the development of a low-cost ventilator that does not need a hospital or ICU trained staff to operate and can save lives.

Melbourne-based medical tech group 4Dx founder and biomedical engineer Andreas Fouras developed the device initially as a research tool but COVID-19 and fears of a global shortage of ventilators prompted a rethink.

Together with the SA Health and Medical Research Institute, the University of Adelaide as well as independent testing, the product is now ready for use.