4Dx 2017 Retail Investment Round Closing 28 June

4Dx 2017 Retail Investment Round Closing 28 June

4Dx Limited is pleased to announce that our retail fundraising offer, under our Offer Information Statement disclosure document dated 20 October 2017, will be closing on 28 June 2018, fully subscribed.  We are currently taking oversubscriptions and the offer remains open to all Australian residents.  Please visit: https://invest.4dx.com/ to access our online application portal.

Existing shareholders may participate through the “Shareholder Offer”, and new investors may participate through the “Public Offer”.  It is essential that cleared funds are received before close of business next Thursday 28 June 2018.  We warmly welcome the sharing of these details to your extended network.  Following closure of the investment round, and with no concrete plans for any further retail rounds, this may be the last opportunity for retail investment in 4Dx.

The company has been overwhelmed with the level of interest in our world-first technology and take this opportunity to thank everyone who has expressed interest in 4Dx, and welcome all new shareholders to the 4Dx Group.

We look forward to providing you with company updates as we continue to expand, and encourage you to access the news section of our website: