Richard Carnibella


Richard Carnibella

Director of Research

After finishing his secondary education at Xavier college, Richard completed a medical degree at The University of Melbourne, before beginning his working career as a junior medical officer in the public hospital system. Having worked as a doctor for several years, he both felt the desire for the challenges of a career in science and engineering and saw an opportunity to continue contributing to healthcare outcomes.

Richard returned to university and completed a degree in Mechatronics Engineering in 2009 from Monash University. Before the final year of this degree, he successfully gained entry to the Summer Research Program where he received a scholarship to conduct a 12-week research project in Andreas’s Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging (LDI). Finishing his Mechatronics degree, he commenced postgraduate study under the supervision of Andreas, focusing his work on analysis of phase contrast enhanced, lung X-ray images.

During his time with LDI, Richard has had the opportunity to be involved with several projects outside of his core thesis topic. He has practical experience from multiple overseas research trips to the SPring-8 synchrotron in Japan, which involves working as part of a multidisciplinary team of engineers, physicist, physiologists and clinicians. He has also been involved in projects to develop several pieces of hardware, specifically a miniaturised flow meter for use with small animals and an X-ray beam monitor allowing multiple simultaneous exposures.

To date Richard has published multiple papers and is in the process of seeking to patent a measurement technique he co-developed as part of his thesis.

PhD Monash University in progress
Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (hons.) Monash University
Bachelor of Medicine The University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Surgery The University of Melbourne