Andreas Fouras


Andreas Fouras


BEng, MEngSci(Res), PhD (Monash), MAICD
Member of the Finance, Investment, Regulatory & Quality and Due Diligence Committees


Andreas started his career in academic research studying experimental fluid dynamics in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.  His early research in wind tunnel quantification placed him as a young leader in the area of imaging (within fluid dynamics) developing a number of new approaches to the imaging of gas and liquid flow.

Andreas was able to apply this new and novel concept to clinical use through the development of XV Technology™, a breakthrough imaging platform which uniquely measures airflow within the breathing lungs, at every stage of the breath, with both high spatial and temporal resolution at very low dose. Andreas’ research has been documented in over 100 peer reviewed publications and over 40 patents.

With a keen interest to see his research make real-world impact, Andreas left full-time academic research in 2013 to form 4Dx (which would later be rebranded as 4DMedical).  In 6 short years, Andreas has taken XV Technology™ through benchtop, preclinical and clinical validation, building 4DMedical into a world-class company with strong IP growth, a global presence across three continents, millions in revenue, and multiple million dollar grant awards, most recently being the prestigious MRFF Frontier Health and Medical Research program.

With the first in-human clinical trials a success, and regulatory clearance for 4DMedical’s first products to enter key global markets seemingly imminent, Andreas is well on the way to bringing the game-changing capabilities of XV Technology™ to doctors and patients worldwide.


Finalist, The Lawrence Creative Prize, Centenary Institute 2015

Recognises and honours Australia’s bold young researchers who are taking the risks to ask the big and challenging questions of today – those questions that have most people saying “but that’s impossible”.

Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research by an Early Career Researcher 2013

Monash University recognises a candidate with outstanding research achievement within ten years post graduation for improving human health through the development of new imaging technology.

Faculty of Engineering Early Career Researcher Award 2013

The Monash University Faculty of Engineering recognises a candidate with outstanding research achievement within ten years post graduation.

Australian Davos Connection Australian Leadership Award 2013

ADC Future Summit recognition for outstanding new talent, demonstrating vision for Australia’s future across economy, culture environment or community.

Measurement Science and Technology Outstanding Paper Award 2012

MST awards the Outstanding Paper Award for the best paper published in the journal for the calendar year. Polynomial element velocimetry (PEV): a technique for continuous in-plane velocity and velocity gradient measurements for low Reynolds number flows receives the award of Best Fluid Mechanics paper published in MST during 2012.

Monash Researcher Accelerator Program Award 2012

Awarded to recognise, reward and accelerate the career development of Monash’s highest performing early to mid-career researchers.

NHMRC Achievement Award 2011

Top ranked Career Development Fellowship in the Biomedical Category (Level 1).

The Visualization Society of Japan Award for Excellent Visualization 2011

Surface Topography of Jet Shock Cells in an Hydraulic Analogy. Journal of Visualisation, 13(3), 175–176. doi: 10.1007/s12650-010-0032-3

Bill Melbourne Thesis Medal 2009

Most outstanding 2008 PhD Thesis in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Monash University, Australia.



  • Adjunct Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Monash University
  • Research Director Laboratory for Dynamic Imaging, Monash University (2007-2016)



  • Career Development Fellow, Australian Government National Health and Medical Research Council (2012-2015)
  • Fellow, Mannix College, Australia (2014-2015)



  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Member of the Australian Academy of Science EMCR Forum Committee (2013-2016)
  • Member of the Society of Photonic Instrumentation & Engineering (SPIE)
  • Member of the American Thoracic Society (ATS)