ResusX / 4DMedical XV LVAS Clinical Research Award – $25K

To apply, please read the information below and submit research proposal via email to:
Maximum length 2 pages (additional pages for references and biosketch)

Briefly address the following criteria:

1. Completeness of Application

  • Objectives of proposal are realistic and appropriate
  • All requested items included with application

2. Does the project help fulfill the mission of ResusX and 4DMedical?

  • What will the project achieve?
  • Are there long-term benefits?

3. Needs/Goals/Objectives

  • Are needs realistically addressable by the proposed program?
  • Does this program provide solutions that are not provided by other organizations?
  • Is the proposal seeking appropriate collaborations to increase the effectiveness/efficiency of their program?
  • Are objectives related to outcomes?
  • Are objectives measurable?
  • How will outcomes impact near term clinical practice (for clinical research proposals)

4. Implementation – Work Plan

  • Is there a plan with projected measurable milestones?
  • Is there a timetable; is the timeframe clear and realistic?
  • Is staffing adequate?
  • Is the staff qualified and competent?
  • Request XV technology specifications from

5. Monitoring/Evaluation

  • Is there a plan to monitor and evaluate the program?
  • Will reports be provided as required (For Clinical Research and Awareness Grants reports are required on a semi-annual basis. Community Philanthropy requires a final report).
  • For past Foundation grant recipients have reporting requirements been fulfilled?

6. Budget and Other Funding Sources

  • Is budget complete and appropriate to program?
  • Is program cost effective?
  • Are there currently other sources of funding/support?
  • Is there a plan to obtain further funding (applicant may request additional technology support from 4DMedical to ensure costs of XV do not contribute to budget)?
  • No administrative overhead?

** APPLICATION PERIOD: 6 – 13th Oct 2020 **

The award is open to all those registered for the ResusX (rewired) 2020 conference. Applications are limited to one (1) per attendee.  The reviewers for the award will look at the quality of the proposal with specific attention as to whether the study has the potential to contribute in furthering the understanding and advancement of diagnosis or management of lung disease.

  • What will be achieved?
  • What are the chances that the achievement will happen?
  • Is this appropriate use of money to achieve the desired results?

The key mission is to promote novel research as well as public and physician awareness of functional lung imaging in health and disease, with a primary focus on X-ray velocimetry. The program will consider proposals focused on the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of lung disease or associated disorders. Research areas of interest are also other morbidities that are associated with lung disease which include oncology, cardiovascular disease, immunodeficiency or infectious diseases, neuromuscular and metabolic conditions. In the cardiovascular area, there is a particular emphasis on hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation. Other areas of focus are lung disease in conjunction with: occupational health safety; interventional pulmonology; surgery; transplant; emergency medicine; anesthesiology; progressive lung diseases; and disparities in medicine. Specific focus is on outcomes that can influence clinical practice in the near term.

Public and physician awareness of functional lung imaging in health and disease is also an area of interest, however, only programs that have wide outreach will be considered.

It is encouraged for the publication of results in an appropriate peer-reviewed scientific and medical publications. The award winner will be invited to present at ResusX 2021.


Donor recipients must be a qualified tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) 3 of the US Internal Revenue Service or have the equivalent designation by the federal governing agency in another country.  The award will be given to an individual in an organization that demonstrate that they have competent management of clinical research awards.

Indirect costs: No indirect/overhead costs will provide direct (program) costs only.

Grant will be awarded with a clear expectation of measurable results and outcomes.

A final report at the conclusion of the study to the ResusX and 4DMedical will be required detailing how the funds were spent and definitive outcomes. ResusX and 4DMedical will be provided a copy of all abstracts and published reports.

A “Letter of Agreement” (LOA) between the grantee and grantor will be required once a grant has been approved, and prior to funding. Funding of Clinical Research grants are made in a minimum of two payments, with the first installment paid upon the grantor’s receipt of two fully executed copies of the LOA. Final payment will be contingent upon a pre-final communication documenting reasonable progress.

In accordance with US Government policy, proof will be required that the organization is a legally designated not-for-profit organization and a legitimate research institution.