Lung Function Analysis for Unexplained Shortness of Breath

Setting a new standard. 4DMedical produces software and hardware products that enable new levels of non-invasive, quantitative analysis of lung function. We are creating a new standard in lung function imaging and analyses for lung disorders including unexplained dyspnea (shortness of breath), asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis and cancer.

Breakthrough Lung Function Imaging for Veterans Exposed to Airborne Toxins

Veterans exposed to toxic substances and airborne hazards during service face serious challenges in both diagnosis and treatment. Recent passage of the PACT Act will now enable millions of veterans to get treatment for undiagnosed breathing conditions at VA hospitals. 4DMedical’s analytical software will enable clinicians to extract rich data on lung function from standard X-ray scans. The highly detailed lung function information enables non-invasive diagnosis and tailored treatment options.

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