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During the last 15 years, our preclinical and clinical trials have consistently demonstrated that XV Technology provides an unprecedented level of information on respiratory function.
Our ground-breaking work has been published in more than 80 scientific publications.
14 years old
Fit, active John rejected his doctor’s orders – until he saw his four-dimensional scans
I could actually see it ‐ it was a red area, which the doctor explained to me means there’s low oxygen flow there. He looked at that area, looked at me, and said, ‘if we get an infection in that area, we’re in serious trouble’.
At 14, John was diagnosed with bronchiectasis – a condition caused by severe damage to the airways, resulting in scarred and ineffective lungs.​ To keep on top of his condition, John underwent surgery – once at 15, and again at 17 after a bad bout of pneumonia – to have the affected parts of his lungs removed.​
That was almost 37 years ago, said John. Since then, I’ve had weekly infusions to treat my condition. But even with those, I’m still in hospital a couple times a year with pneumonia.
John found it hard to accept when his clinician recommended that he use a nebuliser to treat his condition.​ John wanted to live a normal life. The idea of relying on a machine to help him breathe did not agree with him.​ After decades of health problems, lung scans were commonplace for John. CT scans and MRIs were a central part of his condition.​
But with 4DMedcial technology, he had never seen his lungs in such detail. There was one part of his lungs that was not functioning at all – now, John could see that for himself.​
4DMedical’s scans show patients their lungs in a way they have never seen before. “It’s one thing for a doctor to explain the seriousness of your condition – but seeing it for yourself has an impact that words can’t replicate”​
Long term second hand smoker
20 years old
Poor lung health posed too great a risk for Chris
We could see the functioning of our lungs, the structure of our bodies, everything,
For decades, Chris’ wife Nicki had been a heavy smoker. Over a pack a day. Chris had never smoked himself, but he knew the lingering dangers of second-hand smoke.
We’re getting older, said Chris. Our health isn’t what it used to be, so we wanted to know where we stood.
With their future in mind, the couple decided to get on top of their health. Chris discussed his concerns with his GP. To Chris, it was a no-brainer. He jumped at the opportunity to receive the most comprehensive lung imaging available. They were briefed them on the procedure and the technology. Then it was time for their scan. They were blown away by how such a quick scan could reveal such depth.
“It was very fast – only about 15 minutes – and the results were impressive in terms of the insights it provides” With 4DMedical’s XV technology, the imaging results were very clear.
Chris only ever had minor breathing issues; he knew that lung conditions aren’t always easy to spot until it’s too late. The biggest relief? After years of smoking, Nicki’s lungs were clear too. The couple can now breathe easily and look forward to a long future together with their children.
Chris and Nicki see 4DMedical’s technology as an invaluable preventative measure, “it’s important to know your baseline”. Now, they have a strong understanding of where their lung health is at – and their doctor does, too.

Radiologist Insight

“The current best utility for this technique includes: Follow-up of patients with relatively stable or slowly progressive lung disease. This is of particular value in younger patients where the intent is to minimise cumulative radiation exposure from medical imaging Patients with early/subtle pulmonary fibrosis, where there is a clinical discordance between clinical presentation….compared to CT findings”

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