Unparalleled preclinical reporting

Our Permetium Preclinical Scanner utilises a preclinical variant of our revolutionary XV Technology software.

Delivering a range of outputs, Permetium operators have the option of requesting standard reports for local analysis and visualization or can request a range of custom reports from 4DMedical.

Standard Reports

Permetium offers standard processed data outputs in DICOM file format:

  1. Individual voxel values of tissue expansion in a .csv format for further statistical analysis
  2. 3-dimensional data set of the ventilation values and expiratory time constant values as a series of DICOM files
  3. All contiguous slices of dataset with the ability for Customer to extract these values

Custom Reports

Permetium operations can select from number of 4DMedical pre-canned report options.  Output options include:

  1. Ventilation Analysis
  2. Airway Flow Analysis
  3. Vasculature Analysis (Contrast-Free Pulmonary Angiography)
  4. 3D Ventilation Render
  5. 4D Ventilation Render

Sample Outputs – Click to Enlarge