4DMedical is delivering revolutionary technology that improves the analysis of respiratory functionality.

Our flagship product, XV Technology™, uses existing X-ray imaging to capture and map lung function and pulmonary ventilation in four dimensions while the patient breathes. With pinpoint accuracy but lower levels of radiation, XV Technology identifies the subtlest variations in lung function as they occur, providing greater sensitivity, resolution and accuracy than existing technologies.

4DMedical is currently looking for collaborators currently in any field of research, both pre-clinical and clinical, that involves the study of lung health using imaging. This relates to the study of the effects of lung disease on lung structure and function, study in to the efficacy of treatments, treatment monitoring or disease diagnostics.

4Dx offers a technological platform that, at its core, yields quantitative, 4-dimensional (4D) measurements for regional lung function across the whole respiratory cycle. XV technology can be applied all the way from mice in a pre-clinical setting, to human patients in a clinical trial setting with minimal radiation burden.

In a pre-clinical setting, this software platform can be applied in conjunction with 4DMedical’s preclinical hardware offering, Permetium™. This system has been specially optimized for measuring regional lung function at small length scales (20 um). In a clinical setting, patient image acquisition is via readily available/installed hospital fluoroscopes.

In addition to these services, 4DMedical has a team of specially trained staff consisting of PhD-trained researchers from a varying level of backgrounds. This highly qualified team are specially trained in helping you with incorporating 4DMedical technology to dramatically increase the efficacy of your study.

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