Australian researchers invent makeshift ventilators for Pacific region in case of coronavirus outbreak

As posted on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website, Tuesday, May 5

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…Australian medical tech group 4Dx have also invented a field ventilator that is simple to operate, easy to train staff to use and can be used outside of a traditional hospital setting as a “lung first-aid” piece of equipment.

“We saw a need, I guess, to make sure that there was something that was cheap and simple and could be made around the world in large numbers at low cost, so that whoever needed a ventilator and whether they are in an ICU or not could have access to one,” 4Dx founder Professor Andreas Fouras told the ABC.

The company has built a prototype ventilator that can be manufactured with simple parts and at a fraction of the cost.

ICU ventilators cost between $15,000 and $30,000 each. The current 4Dx model costs around $2,000 to make, but Professor Fouras believes the cost can be brought down even further.

“This is a great example of Australian researchers banding together to provide a solution in the fight against COVID-19 and an opportunity for the Australian Government to support our Pacific Island and South-East Asian neighbours by leveraging Australian technology,” Professor Fouras said.

South Australian charity The Hospital Research Foundation has provided an initial grant of $25,000 to fund the independent testing of the ventilator by the University of Adelaide.

The foundation’s CEO, Paul Flynn, said this was the fourth COVID-19 research project they had supported.

“We are very impressed by the potential of the ventilator to have an impact in the lives of patients in across the world, particularly in developing countries,” Mr Flynn said.