About 4DMedical

The future of lung health

4DMedical (formerly known as 4Dx) is a global medical technology company aiming to change the outcome for patients with lung disease by revolutionizing respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis.

With offices in Melbourne, Australia and Los Angeles, California, we have successfully proven and patented our XV Technology through years of studies and trials, completed by some of the most talented minds in medical technology.


Our Vision

We believe in a world where people with lung disease have better outcomes and more hope.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve global health by providing unique and non-invasive imaging technologies that enable unprecedented insight into pulmonary functioning, critical in the analysis and management of respiratory diseases.

Our Values


Caring is at the heart of everything we do. We are developers of technology, but helping people is our focus. We are motivated by compassion. We believe in the humanity of our mission, and we are mindful of its importance. Caring is how we came to be. It is the value that underpins all others;

Better Healthcare

We work to provide better information to patients and doctors, to empower better decisions, and to bring about better health outcomes for the millions of people around the world suffering from lung disease;


Our mission is to lead the way in improving global health by providing unique technologies that enable unprecedented insight into lung function. We strive for innovation and continuous improvement not only through our products, but everything we do;


Impact is the driving force behind every innovation we create. We push boundaries to develop clinically useful technologies that offer the greatest, positive impact. We measure our impact through the number of lives we touch, and the depth of the benefit that we deliver to them;


As knowledge seekers we strive for excellence and continuous improvement in every aspect. From the creativity and quality of our solutions, to the way we uphold the ethics of our industry; and

People focused, patients first

By focussing on the people we interact with, we can generate the highest quality outcome. For us, patients come first, which means providing patients and their doctors with the richest possible information, at the lowest risk to patient safety.