LATEST NEWS: First commercial rollout of four-dimensional respiratory scanning to commence December

LATEST NEWS: First commercial rollout of four-dimensional respiratory scanning to commence December

General practitioners and respiratory specialists in south-eastern Melbourne will soon be able to order highly visual reports of patients’ lung function based upon four-dimensional scans, following successful completion of pilot programs by 4DMedical in collaboration with I-MED Radiology Network, Australia’s largest diagnostic imaging provider.

Commencing in December, clinicians and specialists based in and around the Casey region will be able to refer patients to I-MED’s imaging clinic in Berwick. Patients will be able to access state-of-the-art radiology scans generated using 4DMedical’s unique XV Technology, which clinical pilot evaluation studies have proven provides improved insight into lung health.

This commercial rollout is the first in a 4DMedical revenue generation strategy that will be rapidly expanded to include sites in Brisbane and Wagga early in 2022.

Valuable insights and important learnings gained during pilot studies in Casey and Launceston have usefully informed clinical interventions following interpretation of 4DMedical’s Ventilation Reports by specialist thoracic radiologists and general practitioners.

Diseases assessed during pilots included post-COVID, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis, sarcoidosis and silicosis. 4DMedical’s XV Technology has proved particularly useful as a surveillance tool, monitoring the evolving condition of patients’ lungs and response to therapeutic interventions such as courses of pharmaceuticals.

“Beginning December, patients can be referred to I-MED Radiology’s Casey clinic in Berwick,” said 4DMedical’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andreas Fouras. “People living with or concerned about respiratory disease will have access to the world’s most advanced four-dimensional quantification and visualisation of their lungs, enabling them and their referring doctor to gain insights into lung function with the highest sensitivity.”

“This expansion of our capability at our Casey clinic means people in Berwick and south-eastern Melbourne can access the latest technology in respiratory imaging from December,” added I-MED’s General Manager Government Relations and External Partnerships, Mark Simpson. “This service enables superior information to be provided to patients presenting with lung disorders, and will help referring medical practitioners plan appropriate treatment plans.”