Step inside the human lung

Step inside the human lung

Over the past couple of months our team have been lucky enough to experience Monash University’s Immersive Visualisation Platform (MVIP) – otherwise known as the CAVE2.

With a cylindrical 8-meter diameter video wall, the Cave takes ‘immersive’ to a whole new level – providing a 320-degree, virtual environment to showcase our imaging technology.

The Cave gives Andreas and the team the ability to transform 4Dx’s data into immersive images to interactively explore and present data in real time using high-performance computing to render datasets with unparalleled clarity.

MIVP Platform Manager & Senior Research Fellow Dr David Barnes was “thrilled” to work with 4Dx, believing that the partnership represents a critical platform to understand the lung imaging technology and enables new paradigms in exploring and comprehending data.

“4Dx’s world-leading imaging technology delivers unique data for visualisation. By working with 4Dx researchers, programmers were able to compute interactive, immersive displays of time-evolving volumetric datasets.”

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Monash University Professor Seible added, “MIVP’s immersive visualization has the potential to enhance the discoveries that might otherwise not be made on desktop screens that do not have enough resolution to tease out the finest details.”

The Cave has been instrumental in adding substantial value and understanding to the technology for stakeholders outside of the research by giving us the capability to transform 4Dx’s data into immersive images and to step inside a moving human lung.