Research ventilator development update

Research ventilator development update

As part of our ongoing research and development activities, we have the need for robust, precise ventilation strategies — ideally interchangeable between physiological profiles and standard pulmonary function test manoeuvres.

Although many off the shelf research ventilators are available, our extensive and varied technical needs led us to engineer our own pressure-driven research ventilator, capable of delivering very small volumes of air gently. Additionally, we have integrated full trigger control synchronisation, for paired use with our complex X-ray imaging, bio-monitoring and nebulisation systems.

We have fine tuned our ventilator’s design, footprint and functionality over the years to suit our ever changing and increasingly complex R&D requirements. We now have a highly specialised and versatile small animal ventilator in our hands with significant operational flexibility through storable, user programmable macros. Suitable to ventilate a variety of small laboratory animals, our BreathVent research ventilator measures air pressure, flow, and will continuously ventilate across a broad range of volumes, pressures and respiratory rates.

Compared to more traditional piston driven and flow restrictor ventilators, our BreathVent ventilator is stable and accurate, with increased change response performance for inspiration, peak inspiration and expiratory pressure times, through the use of fast switching controller valves.

The ventilator unit is self-contained, compact and lightweight, making it suitable for travel (from our own practical need to bring it back and forth from the SPring-8 Japanese Synchrotron and to our collaborators’ research laboratories across Australia). It is small enough to squeeze into the tightest, space-poor experimental laboratories.